What is life? Fight!

Anatoly Roksman was born in Moscow in 1967. His family was poor, but well educated. His mother worked in a bookstore and his father was a very talented artist. Roksman also had a brother, who lost his life at a young age. Roksman never felt the poverty of his childhood. Roksman learned early in life that to be successful one must fight. But, he knew that shaking one’s fists without a target is pointless and a waste of time. Being a lover of the fight, Roksman had to find a positive outlet, which he found in the martial arts.
Roksman’s entrance into the world of martial arts began with Judo. When he was 8 years old, he enrolled in Judo lessons at a sports facility near his home, known as “Hammer and Sickle.” Boris Kornyushin coached him in Judo and Sambo, and helped him to develop proficiency in both, to the point where he could successfully compete. For the next ten years, Roksman competed and emerged victorious in Judo and Sambo matches, winning many titles and prizes. When he was 16, he entered the level of “master” and, until 18, fought numerous matches at the master level. All of these activities kept Roksman pretty busy, but he managed to find time to take up the sport of boxing, entering the ring to compete in section matches, or just casual play with friends in makeshift neighborhood gyms. He joined the army in 1982, with a strong record of competition and a coaching certificate.
The army recruiters immediately recognized Roksman’s expertise in fighting and steered him to the Seventh Guards Airborne Division. He was enrolled in a select school for training in reconnaissance missions. He graduated as a “senior intelligence officer.” This environment fit perfectly with his skills in the fighting arts.
Soon after arrival at his next assignment, Roksman began competing in the Sambo Open Division Championships. He finished every match in first place. As a member of the Seventh Guards Airborne Division boxing team, Roksman competed in the Airborne Forces of the USSR championships.
Anatoly Roksman’s specialty in the army was ARB—a technique of close combat fighting. He added to his arsenal of fighting arts the skill of Army melee and became champion of the Airborne Forces of the USSR in 1986 in the 85 kg category.
Roksman earned numerous awards of excellence during his distinguished career in the army, including: Warrior Athlete 1st degree, Parachutist-Excellence, Specialist 1st Class, and Guard Excellence AS, among others.
Roksman had every hope of leaving his army life and moving immediately into a successful business career. But his retirement coincided with a monumental event—the fall of the Soviet Union. At the same time Roksman was trying to build his new business life, his country was dealing with the political, social and economic ramifications of a wholesale regime shift. Roksman’s business had to take shape more slowly. Still, not deterred, Roksman’s patient and persistent building of his business foundation would prove to be one of the key elements of his future business success.  Anatoly Roksman became engaged in many business enterprises across the globe. Even though his major focus was now on building the corporate identity he wanted for himself, he never abandoned the sports he loved so much. He began studying and gaining skill in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and kickboxing.
Anatoly Roksman’s enthusiasm for the martial arts extends beyond personal satisfaction from his competitions. He believes that the same traits of discipline, self-assuredness and strength in character necessary to be a martial arts champion are what makes one a champion in the business world.
Roksman hopes to open a center where students can come and acquire the skills of self-defense and close combat fighting.
Roksman did not limit himself to physical sports competitions. As a child, he learned the complex game of chess with his father and he eventually became quite talented. Athletics and staying physically fit are important elements in the daily life of Roksman. Twice a day he makes time for weight training, running, swimming and boxing.
Roksman’s very busy life leaves him with little free time, but with what there is, he nurtures his soul by reading and art collection.
At the call of the heart
Anatoly Roksman has traveled many roads and succeeded in many areas of his life. But, he has never forgotten from where he came. An example is the World Congress of Russian-speaking Jews, an organization he founded and headed as vice-president. He sponsored many other projects of philanthropy with his colleagues, has a strong belief in Zionism and is a committed and generous supporter of Chabad. Roksman joined others in sponsoring a new Jewish community center in Berlin. The Center houses many components to benefit the community, including a yeshiva, computer center, synagogue, school and restaurant.
Citizen of the World
Roksman continues to direct the majority of his time and efforts to building success in his business ventures. His main endeavor over the last ten years, in cooperation with his business associates, has been RusMedia. This company serves the Russian-speaking community residing in Germany. Roksman is also actively engaged in other financial schemes around the world.
Martial arts training and sports competitions have given Anatoly Roksman a strong belief in self, as well as a world vision of unlimited potential for success. He is proficient in many languages including, of course, his native Russian, Hebrew, German, Italian and English. He has plans to learn Japanese, tour the world and strengthen his business acumen.